The 2020 VARC NoR is available here

New for 2020

New to the schedule is the Leukemia Cup at RVYC, a fund-raiser event for a good cause.

Also new to the schedule is a stand-alone Short-Handed Series of several existing events including the RNSA/WVYC Single/Double-Handed Race, VRC Ken & Barbie Race, and WVYC Jack & Jill Race. This series is not part of the Division Championship or Boat of the Year Series.

A new and improved scoring system that we believe is fair for all boats in all divisions in all series regardless of participation levels. However we’ve maintained a minimum boat rule that should encourage communication within each division to bring out five or more boats per event-day while not overly discounting scores when less than five attend.

Each day of a club event will be scored as a separate “Event-Day” again this year:
– Each event-day will be grouped into either the Regatta (Round the Bouys) Series or the Distance Series.
– Straits Classic courses will be scored as 2 event-days due to the length of the race. Straits Inshore course will be scored as 1 event-day.

The VARC Boat of the Year award will be scored on a boat’s best 10 of 18 event-day scores.

Divisions can alter their schedule to create ther own Championship series although they will need to attend at least 10 event-days to compete with other divisions for Boat of the Year.

Boats will be scored in all scheduled events except scores for some divisions will only count as noted below:

Division Sanctioned Events:
Div 1: All events on the VARC Event Calendar
Div 2: All events on the VARC Event Calendar
Div 3: All events on the VARC Event Calendar
Div 7: TBD – Contact the Div 7 Representative for details
Sport Boat: TBD – Contact the Sport Boat Representative for details

We’ve implemented the same level of safety standard as last season, OSR Category Mo4 2018-19 with Canadian Prescriptions and as modified in the VARC NoR, as a baseline for all events except Southern Straits.

See all the details in the VARC NoR including the VARC 2020 Schedule for each series composition of event-days, available here.

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