The 2022 VARC NoR is available here

2022 Season Details:

Back for 2022 is a stand-alone Short-Handed Series of several existing events including the RNSA/WVYC Single/Double-Handed Race, VRC Ken & Barbie Race, and WVYC Jack & Jill Race. This series is not part of the Division Championship or Boat of the Year Series.

With the success of it’s implementation last year the same scoring system will be used for 2022. We believe this is fair for all boats in all divisions in all series regardless of participation levels. However minimum boat rules will be maintained to encourage communication within each division to bring out five or more boats per event-day while not overly discounting scores when less than five attend.

Each day of a club event will be scored as a separate “Event-Day” again this year:
– Each event-day will be grouped into either the Regatta (Round the Bouys) Series or the Distance Series.
– Straits Classic courses will be scored as 2 event-days due to the length of the race. Straits Inshore course will be scored as 1 event-day.

The VARC Boat of the Year award will be scored on a boat’s best 10 of 18 event-day scores.

Divisions can alter their schedule to create their own Championship series although they will need to attend at least 10 event-days to compete with other divisions for Boat of the Year.

Boats will be scored in all scheduled events except scores for some divisions will only count as noted below:

Division Sanctioned Events:
Div 1: All events on the VARC Event Calendar
Div 2: All events on the VARC Event Calendar
Div 3: All events on the VARC Event Calendar
Div 7: TBD – Contact the Div 7 Representative for details
Sport Boat: TBD – Contact the Sport Boat Representative for details

We’ve implemented the same level of safety standard as last season, OSR Category Mo4 2018-19 with Canadian Prescriptions and as modified in the VARC NoR, as a baseline for all events except Southern Straits.
See all the details in the VARC NoR including the VARC 2020 Schedule for each series composition of event-days, available here.

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