The Vancouver Area Racing Circuit (VARC) Society is a sub committee of BC Sailing’s Keelboat Committee, consisting of eight local yacht clubs, devoted to providing keelboat racers with an exciting and diverse regional championship racing circuit. Each of the member yacht clubs hosts their signature regatta and distance races that make up the circuit. The culmination of these regatta scores are used to generate that season’s champions.

Since 1979, hundreds of boats and thousands of racers have competed under the VARC umbrella. VARC regattas attract a wide range of sailors, of all skill levels, from novices to Olympians competing on all types of sailboats. Participating boats are broken up into divisions of similar speeds and sizes allowing everyone from family cruisers to purpose built racing yachts to compete.

VARC’s mandate is to promote top quality race management and fun social activities to help attract maximum attendance at these events resulting in an excellent level of competition and a positive experience for all sailors.  VARC provides a forum in which scheduling, division breaks, scoring, safety standards, and sponsors can be managed and this is achieved in part by involving representatives of all the race divisions and host yacht clubs, by considering all non-VARC races to avoid scheduling conflicts, by arranging training for competitors and race officials, and by promoting VARC and Club sponsors for each event.

VARC Society Bylaws

VARC Constitution

VARC Incorporation